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Green Synergy
Green Synergy,
Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthComplete

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,899,266

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Acts Trust Lincoln £34,355 This two-year project is the continuation of existing work. It will run two established youth clubs in the Moorland and Abbey Ward areas of Lincoln. The clubs provide a wide range of activities for young people including games, sports, creative arts and drama. There will also be group activities looking at topics such as self-esteem, goal setting and making a difference. The aim is to enable young people to become active members of their community and develop their social skills. A young peoples’ forum will be established in each location, with young people meeting every six weeks to lead and shape the project.
Chapel St Leonards Village Hall Committee Chapel St Leonards £25,105 This two-year project is for the continuation of activities. It provides computer training and hot meals to local residents of all ages in the village of Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire. The project provides a space for local residents who might otherwise be socially isolated to get together on a regular basis. Participants are involved in choosing the activities and meals on offer and local people manage the project.
Eudaimonia West Lindsey £45,290 This two-year project builds on a pilot scheme. It involves the creation of a social space for local people in West Lindsey, a district in Lincolnshire, to meet over a meal or drink. Volunteers will create meals out of surplus food and the intention is that the meals provide the opportunity for people to have conversations and connect with each other. There will also be some themed sessions which aim to develop skills such as cooking, IT and how to grow your own food.
Green Synergy Lincoln £34,433 This new two-year project will address anti-social behaviour and social isolation experienced by young people and adult residents of the Tower Estate in Lincoln. The project will run a weekly session for children and a weekly adult social group based within an existing community garden. These activities will build community spirit, enhance local community cohesion and make positive and lasting changes. Local residents will be supported to develop and manage the project.
Jubilee Christian Fellowship Grantham £33,546 This existing two-year project aims to address the needs of the diverse migrant communities in Grantham, Lincolnshire, enabling them to communicate with others, gain better employment, make new friends and feel part of the local community. It will do this through a programme of educational and cultural activities such as formal and informal English sessions, help with CV and interview preparation, preparation for citizenship exams and IT skills. There will also be social events (including those for children) to share and showcase each others’ cultures which will help promote cohesion in the wider community.
Lincolnshire Polish Society Lincoln £5,865 This new one-year project offers monthly social sessions for the Polish community living in the Abbey and Park wards of Lincoln. Session include activities such as; cooking, sewing and English language classes. It will enable the Polish community to come together, meet and get involved in what's happening in Lincoln, as well as receive advice and support on integration into the wider community. The project will also welcome other migrants who have limited opportunity to socialise due to language barriers. The project is a grassroots initiative, established by members of the target groups. All participants will be able to lead and shape the project.
St. John the Baptist Parish Church Council Lincoln £11,122 This two-year funding will support the continuation of an existing singing group for people of all ages and backgrounds living on the Ermine estate in Lincoln. The group meet weekly and sessions will include warm-ups, singing practice, learning new pieces and rehearsals for performances. The group has been running for 4 years and wants to continue its success of bringing together the community. The choir has formed its own committee so that participants can the shape and design of its activities.
SPOTS Spalding £29,200 This existing two-year project aims to continue delivering a weekly social club for isolated older people in a rural neighbourhood in Spalding, to develop new and existing friendships. The club provides lunch and an array of activities including arts and crafts, fitness classes, flower arranging and trips to attractions. There is also opportunity for residents to volunteer at other local venues.
Circle of Women Withern £14,291 This existing two-year project aims to continue delivering sewing workshops for women in the rural village of Withern. The project has a mix of taught and self-directed sessions, where women will produce textiles to share as gifts or sell on local markets.  
Winthorpe Community Partnership Winthorpe £18,531 This existing one-year project will continue to deliver a weekly lunch club for isolated older people led by volunteers, provide access to a skate ramp for young people and produce two newsletters with local information for the village. It aims to expand its current work by further extending the skate ramp with a new mini-ramp, refurbishing the kitchen facilities and providing further training opportunities for volunteers.
Lincoln City FC Sports & Education Trust Lincoln £36,765 This existing two-year project will continue the work of the Community Organiser in the Abbey Ward of Lincoln, to support the groups established through the current grant and to engage residents to develop new networks. Engagement will include public awareness events and grassroots door knocking, followed by residents being brought together in local spaces to analyse the information gathered. Six new action groups anticipated to develop on the basis of these findings. 
The Meadows Community Association Skegness £30,920 This new 18-month project aims to provide regular activities and events on the Meadows Estate for children, young people, parents and those who are retired. The project is in response to evidence from local residents, and activities will be designed by the community through a project group.
New Life Community Church Spilsby Spilsby £33,030 This new two-year project is a result of existing pilot projects ran at the New Life Centre and will consist of three strands: two youth clubs for children aged 11 -16 and 16+, a family project and an IT hub. The project aims to support marginalised families that live on the Woodlands and Ancaster estates in the rural location of Spilsby which has high levels of financial hardship and lacks public services.
Riverside Access and Training Centre Gainsborough Gainsborough £22,260 This new two-year project will deliver weekly sessions which aim to support vulnerable, isolated and disengaged people from Gainsborough. The project will include a mixture of activities including arts and crafts, IT and advice sessions which will enable them to build their social skills, confidence and remove personal barriers.
Chapel St Leonards Village Hall Committee Skegness £41,153 This new two-year project will expand existing services at the village hall of Chapel St Leonards and deliver a luncheon club, computer classes and IT drop-in sessions for people of all ages. It aims to enable local people to socialise, provide access to IT and improve their computer literacy.
Jubilee Christian Fellowship Grantham £19,262 This two-year project will be the continuation of an initiative working with young traveller women aged 11 to 18, and their families, who live on the outskirts of Grantham. The project will feature a programme of activities which aim to develop their skills and confidence and integrate them with the local community.
Wainfleets 2gether Wainfleet £2,543 This new two-year project is based on the results of recent listening events with residents and will deliver a range of activities for all ages, which will remain flexible to changing needs and aspirations.
Green Synergy  Lincoln £43,356 This new two-year project draws on an existing model of community gardening initiatives that the charity has previously rolled out in neighbourhoods across Lincoln. It will be delivered in the ethnically diverse community of Sincil Bank and will feature regular weekly supported gardening sessions and a street gardening scheme. The project aims to break down cultural and social barriers, build a stronger community and improve the local environment.
Home-Start Boston Boston £16,102 This new two-year project will be based on the existing Home-Start model and take place in Wyberton Parish Hall. A weekly session for 30 parents and children under the age of 5 will be delivered by two qualified supervisors who will facilitate structured play activities and provide encouragement and guidance to parents. The project aims to improve the social, speech and language skills of children, enable parents and children to build friendships and improve their confidence and self-esteem.
WYARA - Winthorpe Youth and Residents Association Skegness £17,964 This new two-year project will deliver a lunch club for older people, set up a skate ramp for young people, and develop a community newsletter in the Winthorpe area of Skegness. It will provide general community and neighbourhood work and aims to address issues of social or emotional isolation and the risk of offending.
Home-Start East Lindsey Horncastle, Skegness and Mablethorpe  £47,390 This new two-year project will deliver food-growing and cooking activities on at least three allotments in the Horncastle, Skegness and Mablethorpe areas, for vulnerable families.
SPOTS Spalding  £36,900 This new two-year project aims to create a social club for Over 50’s who experience isolation in the rural area in which they live. The club will meet weekly and provide a range of activities to residents from twenty-three streets in Spalding.
Slumgothic Gainsborough  £28,200 To convert an old schoolroom at a redundant church into a cafe/drop-in for people living in a disadvantaged area of Gainsborough.
Boston Community Tennis Partnership Boston  £12,000 To offer a short introductory tennis session to children at a local primary school, and then offer free follow-on group sessions as well as free tennis lessons and free membership of the club for families with their children for a period of two years.
Circle of Women East Lindsey  £17,494 To deliver creative workshops for women in the rural areas of Withern and Stains, East Lindsey. Using traditional and recycled materials, women will produce arts and crafts either for themselves, as presents or to sell.
West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service Gainsborough  £49,066 To train 20 volunteers to be mentors to support survivors of domestic abuse from the Park Springs area of Gainsborough. Survivors can also access a range of life-skills courses which will be provided. The project will benefit 620 this will include families.  120 survivors to be supported over the two years.
Centrepoint Outreach Boston £37,191 To develop a furniture up-cycling facility where items donated for sale can be value enhanced through repair, renovation or decoration by homeless people in Boston who are mainly males aged 25-45 from Eastern Europe.
Boston Greenscapers Boston  £10,979 To redevelop ‘Pilgrim Patch’ in Boston into a positive community green space in a way that will promote local ownership and direction by involving local people in decision making and implementation.
Grantham Area Community Transport Grantham  £19,660 To deliver a community transport scheme for residents with low income and limited transport options with the aim of improving physical and social mobility in the Poets Corner area of Grantham.
Team Parish of Louth Louth  £44,642 To deliver a programme of social and training activities, including coffee and chat sessions, knitting sessions and skills for life training.
Groundwork Lincolnshire Louth  £24,194 To build a community garden at the Louth Youth Centre and provide horticultural training for local people and youngsters.
Lincoln City FC Sport & Education Trust Lincoln  £49,020 To continue community work in the Abbey Ward of Lincoln. The project works with residents of all ages to build community cohesion and improve neighbourhoods.
Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative Lincoln  £29,794 To deliver a range of lifelong learning activities, outings and trips to address social isolation and encourage integration in the local community.
Sutton Bridge Youth Club Lincoln £7,032 To provide weekly youth club facilities for two age groups, 7-11 year-olds and those over the age of 12, in area.
Green Synergy Lincoln £22,292 Fund a community garden project aimed at 100 local residents who are isolated, vulnerable or unemployed.

The Local People programme takes a neighbourhood approach, engages local people and empowers them to address wider issues in their communities and neighbourhoods through collective action.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Royal Voluntary Service Boston £250,616 Over 18 months each of these projects will support and empower 100 older people who live in Boston to identify barriers and bring about change to improve their lives, health and wellbeing. RVS will work with local people and groups to identify what resources, skills and knowledge they already have, or which are available within their communities and networks, and what additional capacity and support they need to take collective control over coproduction and delivery of interventions they want and need.
Sustrans Lincoln £156,636 Sustrans will support community engagement work in seven neighbourhoods. It will work with local people to identify their concerns, issues and aspirations, so that they can establish a set of priorities which they can then address. It will do this through co-creating a Plan for Change, supported by locally recruited Community Champions. The focus will be on enhancing local control of environmental issues that have an impact on people’s lives.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Discover Volunteering CIC Peterborough £7,016 The funding supported a nine-month, inter-generational project that targeted healthy eating and exercise, and encourage different age groups to work together.
Sing South Holland Community Choir   £5,104 To hold community choir singing workshops twice a month for a year to enhance self-esteem through singing, increase social cohesion in a rural area and improve psychological wellbeing.
Team Parish of Louth - Trinity Centre Louth  £9,960 Reduce the impact of health inequalities, social isolation, poverty and reduced independence by providing companionship, healthy meals, exercise and information and advice.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Children's Food Trust   £43,255 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
Royal Voluntary Service   £39,832 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it.
Dementia UK   £30,000 Provide Admiral Nurses - who are mental health specialists and offer practical advice, information, counselling and reassurance to support families.
Alzheimer's Society   £31,885 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected by dementia and help them maintain their independence and sense of well-being.
Sustrans   £43,357 Increase levels of activity in everyday exercises - such as walking and cycling - among young people and those in areas of high health deprivation.
Dementia UK   £57,715 Provide Admiral Nurses - who are mental health specialists and offer practical advice, information, counselling and reassurance to support families.
Royal Voluntary Service   £37,500 Allow people to remain independent at home, and active in their community, by providing the individual support they need as and when they need it. 
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